What it’s really like to tell people you have schizophrenia

“Some people have been hounded out of jobs, or sacked on the spot when their employers found about their illness”

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One thought on “What it’s really like to tell people you have schizophrenia

  1. This is what I use to break the ice. I stopped wasting time trying to educate one at a time. I’m out at work and in the rest of my life, if people know where to look online. If this script can help anyone else, feel free to revise it to your taste.

    The topic of my invisible disability has come up in a recent conversation and I realized that I come off pretty normal to most people. A few of you I have shared my experiences, but I thought a short description would help break the ice for anyone who might have questions.

    For the average person without much direct experience with mental health disability interacting with someone who has a mental illness is at best annoying and at worst scary.

    In the short form, you could say that I could be classified as a High-functioning schizophrenic. I struck my head in a bicycle accident. My current experience is that I hear voices, I also used to suffer from delusional thinking, which is actually pretty scary for everyone in the moment.

    Unfortunately they don’t make physical tools for my disability to assist me at work. I generally don’t need to have manual aids or even “extra help” from others to accommodate my disability, my own coping skills and adaptation are good. I’ve been managing this stuff for a long time. 12 years.

    I use relatively expensive medication to manage my physical and mental symptoms, not all of it is covered by insurance.

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