Gnarls Barkley -Crazy- VIOLIN AND VOICE Cover – Charles Yang

Gnarls Barkley- Crazy
Covered by: Charles Yang – Violin, Voice

“One of the great voices of our time is Cee Lo Green who was introduced to me through this awesome song “Crazy”. I remember seeing Gnarls Barkley live at the ACL Fest and couldn’t believe how much energy and good vibes Cee Lo and Danger Mouse produced.

With my new video, I thought I would tackle the creative use of the violin with this song. Everything you hear is created with my electric violin and my voice in which I use an octaver, phaser, wah, compressor, and reverb. My voice will never match the great Cee Lo Green’s, but I can say my violin playin can 😉 . I hope you all enjoy and man was it hard to choose a video after Bohemian Rhapsody!” – Charles Yang, June 26 2012


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